Destination: Bliss

Here’s to Byron Bay: our home and muse since 1895. The natural, beauty and purity of this region is why our ice cream is creamier, bountiful and more crave-worthy – and why you can taste hints of the hinterland, sea breezes and sun-drenched beaches in every blissful bite.

Inspired by the generosity of this coastline, our flavours brim with decadent textures, swirls and clusters that complement our heavenly ice cream. Crafted with our famous milk and cream from local farms, every scoop is an invitation to join us in paradise.


Classic Cookie Dough

Chocolate Lava Brownie

Ultimate Vanilla

Classic Cookie Dough

Chocolate Lava Brownie

Bringing a sense of nostalgia, Cape Byron ice cream has a long history with Norco.

Norco Cape Byron ice cream was one our flagship premium brands that reigned supreme during the ‘90s and early ‘00s.

In 2023, we breathe new life into this iconic ice cream brand and celebrate the modern coastal lifestyle of our region, carrying on the spirit of the original Cape Byron with extraordinary ice cream experiences that evoke and ignite the senses.

Norco Cape Byron Celebrating The Northern Rivers Food Bowl

A vacation for the senses, every mouthful of Norco Cape Byron will whisk you away to where you’d rather be. Heavenly farm to fancy spoon ice cream with 25% more luxurious textures and ripples*. The taste of a destination that prizes the finer things in life.

Ice Cream Recipe Ideas

Cape Byron Chocolate Lava Brownie Meringues with Magdalena Roze

Cape Byron Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches with Magdalena Roze

Cape Byron Ultimate Vanilla Affogato with Magdalena Roze

Summer Mango Pavlova with Norco Cape Byron Ultimate Vanilla Ice Cream

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