How long do Norco products last once opened? 

As long as correct storage and handling conditions are used, Norco products will last until the use by date printed on the packaging.

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We like to think we know our stuff – so we’ve answered the most common questions about Norco and the dairy industry.

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Are Norco cows grass fed?

The Australian dairy industry predominantly relies on pasture to feed dairy cows.

However, depending on the season conditions and weather, some farmers will also cut hay and silage which they can then use to feed the cows. On some farms they will supplement the feed with grain and animal feed, but this is not the case on all properties. We hope this answers your question!

How important is animal welfare to Norco farmers?

For our farmers, their ‘girls’ are pretty much part of the family and they take their welfare very seriously.

Our farmers adhere to all state and federal codes of practice and adopt all recommendations and requirements of the Australian dairy sector. After all, healthy, happy cows are vital to the success of a dairy farm.

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