Why should I pay more for Norco-branded milk?

We have been, and always will be, passionate dairy industry advocates.

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We like to think we know our stuff – so we’ve answered the most common questions about Norco and the dairy industry.

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How long do Norco products last once opened?

As long as correct storage and handling conditions are used, Norco products will last until the use by date printed on the packaging.

Do not consume Norco products past the use by date, or if you have any concerns or doubts about whether it is fresh to consume.

Is Norco milk Halal Certified?

We’ve experienced tremendous growth since our humble beginnings in 1895, and today our products are enjoyed all over the world.

Part of that global expansion means accommodating different cultural requirements, including Halal. While we don’t pay for Halal certification or display the certification logo on any of our Norco consumer products, we do manufacture and sell a very limited number of Halal Certified ice cream products to other companies to export globally. The certification for these products is paid for by the individual company, not us. The best part of this overseas growth? All profits come right back home to our Australian farmers and towns.

How important is animal welfare to Norco farmers?

For our farmers, their ‘girls’ are pretty much part of the family and they take their welfare very seriously.

Our farmers adhere to all state and federal codes of practice and adopt all recommendations and requirements of the Australian dairy sector. After all, healthy, happy cows are vital to the success of a dairy farm.

What is permeate and why is Norco milk permeate free?

Permeate is a natural milk by-product that occurs during the production process.

Consisting of lactose, vitamins and minerals, it is sometimes used to standardise nutritional levels in milk. The feedback from our consumers (that’s you guys), is that you prefer your milk permeate-free, and so that’s how we make it. Simple.

Why should I pay more for Norco-branded milk?

We have been, and always will be, passionate dairy industry advocates.

We’re staunch in our belief that farmers should be paid fairly for their milk and their devotion. So we pay our farmers a highly competitive farm gate price.

Also, our dairy co-operative is wholly farmer-owned — so every cent you spend on Norco products goes back to the farmers and the local community, not external stakeholders. And we believe that’s exactly how it should be.

So what exactly is a co-operative?

Put simply, it’s a democratic organisation, owned and controlled by its members for a common benefit.

Our co-op is made up of Norco dairy farmers from Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland, and if you ask them it’s as much about mateship as anything else. Rain, hail, or shine (and in some cases, flood), they’ve got each other’s backs. Because they share a common goal — to keep the industry they love alive and thriving. Unlike some other dairy companies, ours is 100% Australian farmer-owned so every single dollar you spend with us goes straight back to the farmers and their communities. Right where it belongs.

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