Norco 100% Australian Farmer Owned 2L Range

The New Norco 100% Australian Farmer Owned 2L Range is bringing classic family favourite flavours to Aussie homes with the quality and taste they’ve come to expect from Norco. Whether you enjoy it with topping & mix ins, on top of an apple pie or with dessert, in a milkshake or straight from the tub, we know the whole family will love Norco’s 100% Australian Farmer Owned 2L range. in the heart of Lismore, the journey has been both heartbreaking and triumphant.

Which Norco flavour is your favourite?

You can’t beat a classic! Vanilla has been my ice cream of choice since I was about my little girls, age.

– Farmer Andrew M, Norco Farmer

It makes me proud to think that if you buy Norco ice cream, you’re buying some of the great quality milk that I’ve supplied to make it!

– Warwick Mark, Dorrigo based Norco Farmer

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