Meet the Borhams, our milk quality award winners!

When the Borham’s took out the Norco supreme milk quality award for the 3rd year in a row, we knew we had to head down south and tour Comboyne where the Borham farm is located to unearth what it takes to produce the highest quality milk at Norco. Come with us as we learn the secrets to being the best in the business with Philip, Debbie and Shaun Borham.

The Borham’s put their success down to having happy, healthy cows and a love for the work they do. As they reinforce throughout our conversation, they’re not in it for the accolades, they do it for self-satisfaction. They work extremely hard, going beyond and above to have the best cows. Debbie Borham nudges her husband “The cows come before me!” she exclaims in a cheeky manner.

Quality comes from looking after the cows, providing the best possible environment for them to produce the highest quality milk. This is right down to the pastures they graze on, to the external environmental situations they are put in. Less stress on a cow means it will provide higher quantities and better-quality milk.

Norco Milk is the real deal – we’re the only 100% Australian farmer owned co-operative. We embrace the spirit of the local communities and embody a culture that provides the best possible support for our farmers. It’s this that makes us different. We’re there for our farmers every step of the way, from the ground up, bringing you the absolute best dairy Norco has to offer. The Borham’s credit Norco for being there for them from day dot “All the farmers own it, it’s Australian, a co-operative, it’s the last one in Australia and it stays here” – Debbie Borham.

At Norco, it’s not just about milk; it’s about a holistic approach to dairy farming. We prioritize farmers’ well-being and employ processes that guarantee the happiest and healthiest cows. With lush pastures and top-notch care, these contented cows produce milk that’s renowned for its creaminess and exceptional taste.

As the Borham’s stated the support the public have given Norco, helping a 100% Australian Farmer Owned brand grow in a tough economic climate has meant wonders for those farmers, with every little bit going back to helping them produce the best tasting milk possible.