New Limited Edition Norco REAL Flavours

Norco is very excited to announce the much anticipated expansion of the Norco REAL flavoured milk range! Norco REAL range is expanding to include a Mocha, Caramel Latte, and Choc Mint. These new flavours stay true to the Norco REAL ethos of creating a pure, unadulterated flavoured milk using full cream milk as a base and natural, REAL ingredients.

Norco REAL Iced Mocha takes a bold double shot of Robusta and Arabica coffee and perfectly balances that boldness with smooth chocolate notes.
Norco REAL Iced Caramel Latte indulges the sense with its buttery, sweet caramel and a delicate hint of Robusta and Arabica coffee.
Norco REAL Iced Choc Mint perfectly blends velvety, smooth chocolate with the cool, refreshing mint flavour.

These new flavours are available for a strictly limited time so get them while you can!