Norco Scoops Up Big Wins at Australian DIAA awards 2019

Norco scooped a whopping 27 awards at the prestigious 2019 Australian Dairy Industry Association Awards of Excellence event in Melbourne last week. In a room filled with national industry legends, Norco was awarded the Ecolab ward for Highest Scoring Modified Milk for Norco Lactose Free Lite, beating out a number of dairy titans for top spot. The accolades definitely didn’t stop there with Norco going on to win further 26 medals across numerous categories, 9 of these being Gold.

The Australian Dairy Industry Association Awards of Excellence recognise and award excellence, quality and innovation in Australian dairy produce, paying tribute to the highly skilled Australians who farm, develop, and make these products.

Every year over 1000 products across 111 different classes are assessed in a rigorous and highly technical judging process by an expert panel. Each product is tasted, tested, and assessed for flavour, aroma, body, texture, colour, and appearance to identify the highest scoring products…the cream of the crop.

Below is the list of all the Norco Gold and Silver medal winners:

Australian 2019 DIAA Gold Medal

Norco Pure Jersey
Norco Capo
Norco 2%
Norco Our Finest Full Cream
Norco Lactose Free Lite
Norco Lactose Free Full Cream
Norco REAL Iced Coffee Triple Shot
Norco REAL Iced Choc Mint
Norco Organic Milk

Australian 2019 DIAA Silver Medal

Norco Full Cream
Norco Non-Homogenised
Norco Skim
Norco Lite
Norco Our Finest Non-Homogenised
Norco REAL Iced Chocolate Ultimate
Norco Mighty Cool Chocolate
Norco REAL Iced Coffee Double Shot
Norco REAL Iced Coffee Original
Norco REAL Iced Caramel Latte
Norco REAL Iced Mocha
Norco REAL Iced Strawberry Supreme
Norco Natural Honey, Choc, Malt
Norco Mighty Cool Strawberry
Norco Pure Cream
Norco Thickened Cream
Norco Sour Cream