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Norco is Australia’s largest and oldest dairy co-operative – the last of its kind, owned by Aussie farmers who are passionate about producing the freshest, creamiest, tastiest range of award-winning dairy products from full cream milk, flavoured milk, cheese, cream, custard, butter and ice cream!

Australian Grand Dairy Awards 023 Champion

Proudly crowned Australia’s best full cream milk and flavoured milk1.
Discover what makes Norco’s dairy products so award-winningly good.

At Norco, we know a happy, healthy herd makes the best tasting milk.

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With over 128 years of expertise, we know making Australia’s best tasting milk & dairy starts from the ground up. Raising the happiest, healthiest cows starts with the quality of the grass, the feed and above all the welfare of our animals – because happy, healthy cows make the best tasting milk.

There is a growing body of research around animal enrichment and its effects on cow happiness and milk quality so we are rolling out something new.

Cows in a field

Play with Norco’s happy, healthy
cows at home!

In response to research revealing that one in four Aussie children aged five to twelve think their food originates from a supermarket shelf, Norco is launching a fun on-pack, gaming series called COW’S PLAY.

Cow’s Play is designed to engage and educate kids on dairy farming through gamification. The premise of each game is to keep Norco’s virtual cows – ELLIE & BELLE – happy & healthy through different forms of cow enrichment such as a game of KEEPY UPPY or SCRATCHY SCRATCH (available from September.) As the player successfully passes each level, they will unlock fun dairy facts.

Norco's Cow Play game


A category first, the augmented reality game series is today’s answer to the old-fashion collectable of the past, and can only be played by scanning the QR code on specially marked Norco 2 & 3L full cream and lite milk and 2L lactose free milk bottles from August to November.

It’s a little bit of wholesome fun, the entire family can play. So, scan a bottle today and see who gets the best score!

Delicious dairy
from the ground up

Norco is a dairy co-operative, a community of producers, not a corporation. We go beyond the farm gate to support our farmers at every stage of the farming process, all in pursuit of the best tasting milk. Because we believe that delicious dairy starts from the ground up.


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From the ground up

Our Norco AgriSolutions agronomists and animal nutrition experts work with our farming community to give them advice on everything from cultivating the best nourishing pastures to developing nutritionally rich stockfeed.

A happy, healthy herd

Our community of 300 dairy farmers have worked tirelessly over generations to raise only the happiest of herds, because healthy cows produce the creamiest milk, rich in protein and 13 essential nutrients.


Our milk processing and logistics team then swiftly process the milk, all whilst retaining its natural, creamy goodness. Bottled and delivered fresh to our customers across Australia.

100% Delicious dairy

With every drop, Norco customers taste only the finest of dairy. That’s all made possible thanks to over 125 years of expertise and teamwork.

Norco, the only 100% Australian farmer owned dairy company

Norco is farmer owned, with no shareholders or foreign ownership, so all the profits stay right here in Australia. When you choose Norco, you’re choosing to support over 300 Aussie dairy farming families and their local communities throughout Northern NSW and South-East QLD so they can thrive into the future.

A rich history and strong, bright future

Norco began in 1895, when a group of 40 farmers gathered under a tree at Clunes, near Byron Bay, to discuss how they could come together to secure a better and more profitable future for dairy farmers by exercising the principles of collaboration. They knew then, what we still live by today, that we are stronger together.

Over 125 years later, Norco is Australia’s largest and oldest dairy co-operative, committed to creating a sustainable farming future for generations to come.

Norco Foods products


Discover our tasty range of award-winning dairy products from full cream milk, flavoured milk, cheese, cream, custard, butter and ice cream.

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Meet our dedicated dairy farming families and learn about their commitment to producing the highest quality Australian dairy.

[1] Norco Pure Jersey, 2023 Australian Grand Dairy Champion, white milk. Norco Real Ice Chocolate, 2023 Australian Grand Dairy Champion, flavoured milk.

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