Meet the Winzers

From country Victoria to coastal northern NSW, three generations of the Winzer family made the bold move just under 4 years ago for a lifestyle change and ultimately to provide milk to Norco.

The Winzer family had “no regrets” to join Norco milk as it is 100% Australian dairy farmer owned, with no outside shareholders. Norco milk is the only 100% farmer owned company who leads the way in the dairy industry, proudly embodying the spirit of local communities and Australian agriculture. What sets Norco apart is not only its unwavering commitment to being 100% Australian dairy farmer owned but our dedication and genuine support for the hardworking farmers supporting them with everything agricultural from the ground up to bring you Norco’s freshest and finest dairy products.

At Norco, it’s not just about milk; it’s about a holistic approach to dairy farming. We prioritise farmer well-being and employ processes that guarantee the happiest and healthiest cows. With lush pastures and top-notch care, these contented cows produce milk that’s renowned for its creaminess and exceptional taste.

By choosing Norco milk, you are making a conscious choice to support Australian farmers and their communities. It’s a choice that goes beyond the carton – it’s a choice to sustain local agriculture, foster rural livelihoods, and enjoy the finest, creamiest, and tastiest milk Australia has to offer. Norco is committed to their farmers, their community, and the future of Australian dairy farming. View other Norco farmers here.