Norco Ice Cream Range

Norco first started delighting Australian families with delicious ice cream in 1950 and while a lot has changed, our commitment to making the best tasting dairy continues to drive us today. While we celebrate over 70 years of making ice cream in the heart of Lismore, the journey has been both heartbreaking and triumphant.

A heart-warming

Norco, Australia’s oldest and largest dairy co-operative, has triumphantly resumed its ice cream production in the newly built Lismore ice cream facility. The rebuilding and opening of this factory, which had stood devastated and out of commission following the February 2022 floods, brings great hope to the Northern Rivers region.

Norco has been a cornerstone in the Northern Rivers community, serving as a major anchor to business in the area for many years.

The revival of its ice cream production is not just a reason for celebration with farmers and its dedicated workforce but also for the small and medium-sizes businesses that depend on its operations to fuel economic activity. This reopening is especially significant as the entire region strives to rebuild after the unprecedented natural disaster.

“The reopening of the Norco ice cream factory is more than just a business revival; it is a testament to the resilience of a community and its people. The devastating floods had momentarily disrupted the heart and soul of this region, but through sheer determination and a shared spirit of recovery, the community has pushed through and has bounced back”

– Michael Hampson, CEO Norco Co-Operative

Norco, Australia's favourite dairy co-operative is back making their delicious ice cream, with two new delicious ranges backed by Northern Rivers foodie Magdalena Roze.

We are launching not one but two new exciting ranges for Australians to enjoy. With experts predicting the hottest summer on record, Norco’s ice cream return is great news for consumers who want to beat the heat by indulging in some of the tastiest, and most delicious, Aussie farmer owned dairy.

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